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About The Lifestyle Brothers
The Lifestyle Brothers Travel
The Lifestyle Brothers have been friends for years, but they are brothers for life. Smalls and Goon not only travel the world, they immerse themselves in different cultures, cuisines, and the experiences that are generated as a result.

The Lifestyle Brothers believe in not only engaging themselves    in the culture they visit, they also believe in giving back. The philanthropic "Travel Stars" give to those in need as much as they can by visiting impoverished areas and handing out clothes, food, school supplies and anything else they can provide in support of people in need.

"Simple Guy, Simple Life" - That’s Goon’s mantra. Goon does not need to expend a huge budget or go over the top when it comes to traveling. KFC, a can of Fanta, and interactions with amazing people are all Goon needs to make each trip an experience.

By happy contrast, Smalls enjoys the finer things in life, indulging in the fine dining and culture found in every country he visits. He enjoys learning about every landmark and historical locations.

Having traveled to more than 70 countries, The Lifestyle Brothers are a duo who are able to call home wherever they go.
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